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Resolute Index Midyear 2021

Washington, Arizona and Colorado lead the 10-state Rocky Mountain West region in the number of middle market business bankruptcies and receiverships recorded during the first

Private Equity Solutions

Financial instabilities or operational challenges can happen in the blink of an eye. Choose Resolute when you need a proven, trusted business advisor for your

Industry Insights – Franchising

A franchise is a very attractive business model because it offers a business in a box. Franchises provide instant brand recognition, ongoing industry best practices,

Industry Insights – Restaurants

The food service industry can be a precarious sector. Defined by low profit margins and tight cash flow, it doesn’t take much to push a

Industry Insights – Medical Marijuana

Despite the fact that many states have legislated some form of legal marijuana use, it is still illegal on the federal level. Here are just

Industry Insights – Partnership Disputes

Disputes arise across a broad spectrum of relationships. There are two main factors that challenge that relationship, one of which is the human element of

Receivership vs Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: A Comparison

The Fundamental Difference When borrowers and creditors reach a standstill in default payment remedies, borrowers may have the option to seek protection in the Bankruptcy

2018-2019 Resolute Index

The 2018-2019 Resolute Index is now available! This index presents an analysis of 2018 Arizona workout filings from both quantitative turnaround industry reports as well

Q3 2018 Resolute Index

Q3 2018 Resolute Index The Q3 2018 Resolute Index provides an overall interpretation of bankruptcy and receivership trends in Arizona including: a quarterly business filing

Healthcare Fact Sheet

What’s ailing the health care industry? Chapter 11 filings by healthcare companies with over $1 million of assets more than tripled in 2017 according to