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Partnership Disputes Fact Sheet

Disputes arise across a broad spectrum of relationships. There are two main factors that challenge that relationship, one of which is the human element of

Receivership Fact Sheet

Appointing a receiver when a company faces financial distress can increase value while decreasing the potential of total default. A receiver acts as a neutral

Forensic Accounting Fact Sheet

Forensic accounting involves analyzing and investigating financial statements to verify and validate the accuracy of the records. Oftentimes, forensic accounting is utilized in litigation to

Litigation Support Fact Sheet

The Resolute team of professionals offer litigation support services and work in partnership with legal counsel to become an important resource in building a solid

Corporate Renewal Fact Sheet

Corporate renewal by definition is the process of making changes to a business in order to improve it and make it more successful. Resolute believes

Healthcare Fact Sheet

What’s ailing the health care industry? Chapter 11 filings by healthcare companies with over $1 million of assets more than tripled in 2017 according to

Automotive Dealerships Fact Sheet

The cyclical automotive dealership industry thrived briefly as a result of improving economic conditions post-recession; however, the U.S. auto industry faced a slight decline in

Retail Apocalypse Fact Sheet

Today’s retail landscape looks drastically different than it did even ten years ago. As consumer shopping and spending habits shift, retailers must evolve to succeed

For Profit Education Fact Sheet

The for-profit college industry has been hit hard the past few years and has been the subject of intense scrutiny. For-profit enrollment in 2017 dropped

The State of Medical Marijuana Fact Sheet

The medical marijuana industry is a great example of a current, emerging and future market risk area. However, the number of perplexing difficulties the industry