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Resolute Pillars – Corporate Restructuring

Specializing in companies valued from $20MM to $200MM Distressed companies who face their financial difficulties with an experienced turnaround team can often avoid turning to

Meet Our All-female Forensic Accounting Team

Managing Director Devyn Hummer The business advisory world – especially that of forensic accounting – can be a very male-dominated industry. One of the ways

Resolute Pillars – Receivership

Appointing a receiver when a company faces financial distress can increase value while decreasing the potential of total default. A receiver acts as a neutral

Resolute Pillars – Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting involves analyzing and investigating financial statements to verify and validate the accuracy of the records. Oftentimes, forensic accounting is utilized in litigation to

Resolute Pillar – Litigation Support

The Resolute team of professionals offer litigation support services and work in partnership with legal counsel to become an important resource in building a solid

Resolute Pillars – Corporate Renewal

Corporate renewal by definition is the process of making changes to a business in order to improve it and make it more successful. Resolute believes