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Chris Van Mullem

Managing Director of Real Estate

Chris VanĀ MullemĀ holds a law degree from Western MichiganĀ University and an MBA with a real estate finance specialization fromĀ the University of Wisconsin.

Prior to joining Resolute, Chris led realĀ estate development teams in Texas and Arizona leading landĀ development and vertical construction on various multi-million-dollarĀ projects.

Chris has over 15 years of legal and financial analysis and isĀ both a licensed attorney and Certified Fraud Examiner. His real estateĀ experience includes investment analysis, acquisitions and dispositionĀ experience, project and asset management, development, andĀ capital markets experience.

As a former loanĀ portfolioĀ officer, he wasĀ responsible for financial analysis and risk reporting on a $250,000,000Ā loan portfolio.