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Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting involves analyzing and investigating financial statements to verify and validate the accuracy of the records. Oftentimes, forensic accounting is utilized in litigation to quantify damages and to assist in resolving disputes. In civil matters, forensic accounting can identify fraud and insider misappropriations as well as reveal investment scams. Forensic accounting services include:
Ponzi Schemes

Investigating a Ponzi scheme requires following the money trail and discovering where money went after it was invested and then determining the total cash taken from investors.

Fraud Analyses

When fraud is suspected, a forensic accounting analysis will uncover facts that confirm or refute the allegations and assess any competing theories in relation to the facts.

Securities Fraud

A thorough examination of financial statements may glean evidence to support claims of investment fraud, Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, and foreign currency fraud.

Insider Preference

Thoroughly evaluating books and records and preparing an insider activity analysis can often lead to recovery of assets for the estate.

Partnership Disputes

Gathering the objective facts is critical to resolving partnership disputes particularly when partners no longer align with each other’s business management, growth, and strategy ideals.

Asset Recoveries

Following the money trail and mapping its connections will help to identify assets. Once
assets are identified, further action may be required, which often involves court actions to recover the assets.

When forensic accounting investigations are necessary, you need a team with experience in investigating complex fraud and accounting matters by your side. The professionals at Resolute include Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Officer and Certified Fraud Examiner designations with over 25 years of experience in fraud investigations and recoveries. Our experience provides us the ability to perform detailed forensic accounting, fraud analyses, and provide well-founded conclusions to resolve fraud allegations and implement effective internal controls..

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