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Knights Express & DJMLER Enterprise

International Pyramid Scheme Investigation

Case Name
United States District Court
Engagement Type
Bankruptcy Support
An international investigation of a pyramid scheme involving approximately $24M and 475 individual investors


Resolute team conducted a comprehensive forensic investigation to trace investor’s funds to multiple offshore accounts.



Funds were used to purchase homes, cars and other assets purchased for personal use by the defendants of the court action. Numerous bank account and financial records were gathered from investors and the company’s files in order to recreate a complete statement of the sources and uses of investor funds. The complex nature of the project dictated coordination with several U.S. and foreign agencies that included the filing of various legal actions is the Philippines and the Isle of Guernsey. The defendant in the case was ultimately arrested overseas and repatriated to the United States to face trial.



After completing the forensic investigation, the collected funds, in excess of $3.5M, were distributed to back to investors.