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Significant problems cannot be solved with the same mindset as when they were created.

Having been retained by many businesses and law firms, our team has extensive experience analyzing financial information, locating supporting documentation, uncovering hidden assets, preparing reports and providing oral and written testimony.

Litigation Support Professionals

Whether analyzing financial data, unraveling difficult economic issues or assisting clients that are navigating a complex litigation terrain, we provide expert support to help evaluate and resolve the disputes. When a litigation matter arises, we assess and quantify the risk and potential damages clients face so that they can design a winning litigation strategy with their attorneys. During discovery we act as expert witnesses analyzing the claims and financial data to determine the right damage amount.

At trial, we testify before juries and judges providing objective and persuasive testimony to assist the court in reaching the correct ruling. Our real-world experience running businesses coupled with our professional experience acting as expert witnesses and our strong academic and professional credentials provide clients with an intellectual force that cannot be ignored or refuted in litigation matters.

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Litigation Services

Evaluation of complex financial data and presentation of findings suitable for all phases of litigation, from discovery through trial

Constructive solutions to overcome your litigation challenges are on the way.
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Damage Calculations/Analysis

A damage calculation and analysis is an important aspect of litigation or arbitration settlement and will determine the amount of profit lost between the calculated outcome and what is the actual resulting sum.

Interest Rate Calculations

When choosing an appropriate cramdown interest rate to apply to a creditor’s claim in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, a thorough interest rate calculation should be performed to protect the interest of the creditors.

Business/Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes can undermine a business or law firm and lead to heated litigation. Resolute can provide insight and clarity to help untangle the issues to manage risk and maximize value.

Business Valuations

Determining a business value can be complex and our approach includes a deep understanding of your business as well as an analysis of financial statements and industry research as a subset of a partnership dispute.

Trial Services

Expert testimony, whether needed in federal or state court, arbitration or mediation, effectively communicates findings and provides valuable clarity in contested financial matters.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Protect your unique intellectual property with our cross-disciplined approach, ensuring solid analysis and tailored litigation support for sound business decisions.

Strategic Litigation Support Services

Streamlining the litigation process with strategic support services that optimize case outcomes through detailed analysis and expert insight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of legal support services do you offer?

Our comprehensive litigation support services encompass a wide range of legal needs including damage calculations/analysis, interest rate calculations, business valuation, expert testimony, intellectual property disputes and business/partnerships disputes. We specialize in assisting with personal injury cases, record retrieval, labor and employment law disputes, contract and partnership disagreements, and corporate litigation.

Do you specialize in any particular areas of litigation?

At Resolute, we pride ourselves on our versatility in litigation support, offering a broad spectrum of services that cover all phases of the legal process. Our expertise encompasses everything from forensic accounting and business valuation to damage calculations and expert testimony. We work in close partnership with legal professionals and counsel, leveraging our extensive knowledge and resources to build solid, winnable cases across a diverse range of litigation areas.

How experienced is your team in providing litigation support services?

Our team is backed by over 50 years of combined experience in the field of litigation support. This extensive expertise spans a variety of complex legal matters, allowing us to deliver superior service and achieve optimal outcomes for our clients. Our litigation support experts are not only seasoned in their respective fields but also continuously evolve to incorporate the latest methodologies and best practices in litigation support.

What is your approach to handling confidential information, legal documents, and data security?

We prioritize the integrity and security of all confidential information and legal documents entrusted to us. Our approach includes rigorous data security protocols and a commitment to confidentiality that ensures your information is protected throughout the entire litigation lifecycle.

What makes you one of the best litigation support firms?

Resolute differentiates itself in the realm of litigation support services through our innovative and resilient approach to financial and operational challenges. Our foundation is built on practical solutions and a forward-looking vision, ensuring we don’t just address today’s issues but also prepare for future success. With a focus on stabilizing businesses and enhancing asset value, our team’s commitment to excellence and exceptional client service makes us a leader in litigation support services, offering unmatched expertise and results-driven advice. Contact one of our litigation support experts today.