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Corporate Renewal


Corporate Renewal

When a business begins showing signs of distress; for instance, a shortage of cash and limited available credit, suppliers demanding expedited payments, or monthly reports reflecting a consistent loss of money, it is imperative that the underlying cause of the distress is quickly addressed and reversed. Often, these signs are as a result of operational or strategic issues within the business that can be identified and resolved with efforts focused on corporate renewal. Corporate renewal is the process of making changes to a business in order to improve it and make it more successful. Successful corporate renewal and turnaround results are achieved with financial consulting, accurate information, a finely-honed strategic plan, and a change of mindset focused on the overall goal. Corporate renewal services can include the following:
Distressed Asset Consulting

Whether it’s taking over day to day operations of a distressed asset or providing disposition services our team of experts are able assist and lessen liability for our clients.


Financial Management

Detailed review of financial statements to assess asset values and debt obligations. An analysis of the Profit/Loss Statement to include revenue matrix and trends as well as an assessment of margins and expenditures to right side operations into alignment with industry standards.


Interim & Crisis Management

We defuse contentious situations to work towards the common goal through restructuring of assets, operations, funding, and more.



We develop and implement a strategy to work through complex challenges, including repair of creditor relationships and credibility.


Franchise Management & Compliance

We help navigate Franchisor challenges and ensure compliance is met regarding the obligations contained within the franchise agreement.


Valuations & Financing

Determining a business value can be complex – our approach includes a deep understanding of your business as well as an analysis of financial statements and industry research.


Resolute partners with clients to remove the business from immediate peril and restore corporate structure in such areas as leadership, strategy, finance, and operations. We have provided corporate renewal services for a wide range of industries and have tremendous experience with creating and implementing strategies to restore and enhance business value for a successful turnaround.

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