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Franchise Management & Compliance


Franchise Management & Compliance

A franchise is a very attractive business model because it offers a business in a box. Franchises provide instant brand recognition, ongoing industry best practices, initial training, built-in support, easier access to financing, and a greater chance of success all for much less than one can start a business from scratch. While franchising includes many benefits, there are also risks that should be considered to secure the ongoing success of the franchise. Difficulties in the franchise relationship often include failure to uphold brand standards, failure to follow franchise systems and failure to make simple payments. Swift action by the franchisor can often do the trick and stop minor issues from becoming significant disputes. Best practice is to first try to resolve the dispute with each other utilizing internal resources. As they say, communication is a two-way street. If parties can’t agree on an outcome, they can opt for one of the following:
Interim Control

We defuse contentious situations by securing operations or assets while the parties work towards a resolution about how to proceed.

Litigation Support

We work in partnership with legal counsel to secure, resolve, and enhance business assets.


Execute a clearly defined strategy for disposing business assets from beginning to end, including realizing assets at the best price, negotiating with debtors and creditors and selling business as a going concern.

Although the franchising industry is strong, it is not without risks. If you’re in need of assistance navigating Franchisor challenges the Resolute team can help.


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