Industry Insights – Medical Marijuana

Despite the fact that many states have legislated some form of legal marijuana use, it is still illegal on the federal level. Here are just a few of the challenges that face businesses in the marijuana industry:

  • Location Complications
    Landlords are subject to losing their properties from lenders or the Feds if they rent to marijuana businesses.
  • High Cash Volume
    Majority of banks & credit unions in the U.S. do not accept cannabis cash, leaving it susceptible to theft and robberies.
  • Cannot File Bankruptcy
    Marijuana businesses cannot seek relief from their debt by filing bankruptcy.
  • Federal Prosecution
    No real legal comfort for entities dealing in the industry including businesses, banks, accounting firms, and landlords.
  • Federal Tax Burden
    Taxed on gross profits & cannot deduct expenses.
  • Federal Reserve
    Will not accept money made from the sale of marijuana.

The challenges facing the marijuana industry in Arizona are compounded by a complex lottery system. Click below for our full report.