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Meet Our All-female Forensic Accounting Team

Managing Director Devyn Hummer

The business advisory world – especially that of forensic accounting – can be a very male-dominated industry. One of the ways Resolute sets itself apart in the field is the existence of an unusual yet powerful all-female forensic accounting team: Senior Managing Director Nicole Manos, Managing Director Devyn Hummer, and Managing Director Alison Wise.

A unifying factor that draws them to the field is a love of numbers and a taste for investigation. “I’ve always been a numbers person. Either it adds up or it doesn’t,” says Hummer. With a mother who was a paralegal, Hummer spent a lot of time in a law firm as she was growing up – which helped shape her desire to pursue forensic accounting. 

“I have a knack for numbers and trivial facts,” says Manos. When she interviews defendants, she has a good ear for noting inconsistencies or inaccuracies. Once she breaks down the details of their narratives, it can make unwinding the complexities of the case that much simpler. It’s no wonder that’s she’s developed a professional reputation for being a detail-oriented financial examiner. 

Senior Managing Director Nicole Manos

For Wise, the love for forensic accounting became apparent from the first fraud case she ever worked. “This was before accounting software became sophisticated, there was no automation method to tie one system of records to another,” says Wise. As part of her duties in the investigation, she had to manually key in six years’ worth of bookkeeping data. But rather than dissuade her from the field, the case only went to cement her love for forensic accounting. “Data doesn’t call you names,” says Wise. She likes analyzing large data sets to determine where the truth lies.

Their shared love for details and investigation helped lead them to their current roles at Resolute. When she decided to join the team nearly a decade ago, Manos was encouraged to take on case work that aligned with her passions. Resolute “wanted me to work on my interests. At the time, we had no forensic accounting or litigation support services,” says Manos. The ability to choose interesting and complex case work based on her experience in both white collar crime and investment schemes allowed both Resolute and Manos to flourish.

Similarly, Wise also finds the possibilities for growth at Resolute to be compelling. “It’s exciting to develop the practice and to be leading the charge for new opportunities. The environment here is very fun and collaborative.”

Managing Director Alison Wise

The ladies of Resolute’s forensic accounting team boast a wide variety of skills. “I’m a QuickBooks wiz,” says Hummer. She also assists with excel modeling. Some of her more engaging casework has included reconstructing financial statements from scratch and financial analysis. Wise has a variety of skills she brings to the table; including bankruptcy and tax fraud, personal injury, full-cycle accounting, and finally forensic and fraud examination, the latter of which she will earn her MS for later this summer. Manos, or as one Arizona judge calls her, “The Queen of Ponzi Schemes,” has impressive experience in forensic accounting, including work on federal receiverships to break up fraudulent marketing scams targeted by the FTC.

The professional success of Resolute’s forensic accounting team is also impressive. Manos is a Certified Insolvency & Restructuring Advisor and Certified Fraud Examiner, as well as the immediate past president and active member in the Arizona Chapter of Turnaround Management Association. Hummer holds certifications from The National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers and is pending certification as a CFE.

When you’re in need of forensic accounting or fraud investigation, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the capable hands of the talented women at Resolute.

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