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Hoai Trang

Hoai Trang


With an expert background in accounting, database management and programming, Hoai Trang brings his analytical and assessment skills to Resolute. As an Associate, Mr. Trang supports the Solutions Team in a variety of aspects throughout the company, including forensic accounting, consulting, business development and more. His ability to review the financial conditions of complex business situations helps aid Resolute in the crafting of practical solutions.

Previously, he worked as a senior accountant, with responsibilities like tracking capital improvement projects, monthly financial statements preparation, monthly bank and account reconciliation, yearly and monthly budgeting and forecasting, answering board member financial inquiries, maintaining financial databases, and tax preparation. Additionally, he has experience in financial analysis in a credit unions, as well as asset management.

Mr. Trang graduated from University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.