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Ryan Detlaff

Ryan Detlaff

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Ryan Detlaff helps to lead the Resolute team with a deep commitment to the company’s purpose, driving its vision, strategy, and growth. His passion for technology, analytical mindset, and background in finance fueled his journey to Resolute. Mr. Detlaff’s unique background and exceptional skillsets bring a fresh approach to how the Resolute team views and tackles projects of all sizes.

With over a decade of experience in strategy, technology, and leadership, Mr. Detlaff empowers employees and clients to achieve exceptional results. He takes great pride in fostering cultures where individuals and teams can thrive, knowing that a positive workplace environment has far-reaching benefits. He believes strongly that engaged, happy employees create a better, more productive world. Throughout his career, he has combined business process efficiency, innovative technology, and inspiring leadership to build fulfilling, high-performance work environments.

A graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Finance, Mr. Detlaff honed his leadership skills as Manager of Investment Operations at Versant Capital Management Inc prior to working as VP of Sales and Marketing and eventually taking on the roll of CEO. at Trumpet Inc.