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Sharing the Strategies to Recovery

Resolute featured on Business Radio X Resolute has been helping businesses through tough times since our founding in 2008. We're in a unique position to

Resolute Index Midyear 2021

Washington, Arizona and Colorado lead the 10-state Rocky Mountain West region in the number of middle market business bankruptcies and receiverships recorded during the first

Cece Roeder
Three Things We Learned From Covid-19

It’s been one year since our lives turned upside-down due to the emergence of Covid-19. It’s been a time of adjustment and challenge, including lockdowns;

Resolute Index Winter 2021

With 2020 behind us, we can now fully look back to understand the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic on middle market businesses in Arizona

Prop 207 Passed. What Happens Next?

The practical repercussions for the marijuana industry in Arizona. Arizona Proposition 207, which legalizes the cultivation, distribution, and sale of cannabis, passed the 2020 election

Cece Roeder
The Meaning of Resolute

Resolute /ˈrezəˌl(y)o͞ot/ adjective admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. The origin of how Resolute came to be named is a tale based in resolve and reconciliation

Resolute Index Fall 2020

We've compiled insights on Arizona Workout Filings, Arizona unemployment, bankruptcy filings across the Rocky Mountain West, and a national overview of pandemic-related business interruption claims.

The 4-Step Guide to Your Financial Crisis Action Plan

How to navigate pandemic-caused economic challenges Click here to download as a PDF Resolute Crisis Action Plan Resolute provides a lifeline to assist in diagnosing

Resolute Index Midyear 2020

We’ve compiled market data and insights from our connections in the Banking Industry, Bankruptcy Counsel, and Private Equity to bring you a complete picture of

Nathaniel Curtis
Bankruptcies are Contagious

The economic impact of skyrocketing bankruptcy filings. There is some discrepancy between market performance and economic conditions -- The stock market is not the economy.