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Resolute Index Q2 2022

Middle market businesses in Arizona filed 74% fewer bankruptcies and receiverships during the first six months of 2022 compared with the first half of 2021,

Resolute Index Q1 2022

Overall business bankruptcies reached their lowest point in more than 40 years in 2021, according to a report from the U.S. Courts. But, first quarter

What Happens When a Business is in Distress?

What happens when a company faces financial distress? The options can be complex! What are some of the common options? Receivership: A lender-initiated option to

What is Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors?

Explaining an emerging alternative to bankruptcy to resolve distress What is an ABC? Assignment for the benefit of creditors (ABC) is a state law winddown

Resolute Index Q4 2021 and EOY Review

Evidence suggests the leniency lenders showed in 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic is ending. Receiverships among middle market businesses in Arizona doubled in 2021

The Chapter 11 Process

Understanding restructuring options can be complex. What happens when a Chapter 11 filing is pursued? We’ve put together a helpful guide to understand and contemplate

Cece Roeder
Recent Montana Ruling Brings the Fight Against MCAs Forward

In re Shoot the Moon LLC; CapCall LLC v. Foster Origins of the Case In the early 2000s, Kenneth Hatzenbeller and two other principal investors

Cece Roeder
Three Things We Learned From Covid-19

It’s been one year since our lives turned upside-down due to the emergence of Covid-19. It’s been a time of adjustment and challenge, including lockdowns;

Is Bankruptcy the Answer to Pandemic Business Troubles?

Resolute President & Founder Jeremiah Foster spoke, along with other experts, to LegalZoom about some of the pros and cons related to bankruptcies amidst a

Nathaniel Curtis
Bankruptcies are Contagious

The economic impact of skyrocketing bankruptcy filings. There is some discrepancy between market performance and economic conditions -- The stock market is not the economy.